Your first plastic straw is still somewhere on Earth!

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Have you ever wonder where would your plastic straw go after one time used? In the garbage bin? Then what? It only breaks down into smaller pieces until normal eyes can’t see it, not totally disappear on earth. Therefore, your very first plastic straw does still exist somewhere on earth. It went to the ocean, eaten by fish, then stay in your stomach maybe.

Initially, there has been a vast amount of debate whether or not we should stop using plastic straws. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes will sure come find you, for plastic straw contains chemical additives that have negative effects to our health. Nevertheless, it is extremely toxic to wildlife and the environment, for it takes up to 200 years to degrade, not even biodegrade.

Plastic straws take a lifetime to degrade, but will never be fully off the Earth, as plastics are not biodegradable. Therefore, even when you throw trash into the bin, they are not easily recycled. Small things like straws are hard to catch by trash machine, they tend to be left on landfills, washed away through pipes, then go to the ocean. Tiny micro plastics are eaten by micro-organisms, those organism are eaten by tiny fish, bigger fish, continually in the food chain, and it comes to us. We eat what we throw.

Not over yet, plastic straws are toxic for your health. Have you ever heard of BPA? Plastic product commonly contains polypropylene and BPA, also known as Bisphenol A, which can leak chemicals into the liquid. Because of the heat of liquid that heats up the plastic, chemicals are easier to be present. Imagine you’re enjoying a cup of hot cacao, coffee, mixed with chemicals. Obesity, cancer, diabetes are told to be resulted from storing toxic chemicals in your body for a long time. This is the reason why nowadays many manufacturers focus on their BPA-free products and we can see on the products’ labels.

Moreover, using a straw for drinking can gas and bloating. Because more air are able to enter the digestive system. This is just like when you drink carbonated beverages and chew gum. Excessive gas brings the uncomfortable sensation of abdominal fullness and embarrassment, too.


Have you ever heard of grass straw, bamboo straw and inox straw? No one can deny such trendy and hot items. In today world, lots of restaurants, coffee shops, hotels said no to single-use plastic products. They accompanied with products made from grass, bamboo, metal, which are reusable and recyclable. Reason? Initially, no more worry about our health whether we’re drinking hot cacao mixed with toxic chemicals or not. Next, it’s because of their eco-friendly features. Grass and bamboo are decomposable in nature which enriches the soil fertility. No more worry about how many ton of plastic trash are thrown into the ocean every single day. Last but not least, it will surely change our habits, when the whole world is willing to give the Earth a little bit love.


Say no to single-use plastics and be friend with reusable, recyclable straws. Just simply say “No, thanks!” one time when you order a cup of coffee, you’re doing the Earth a favor for not forcing it bear one more 200-year-to-degrade trash. We all will do the Earth a favor for not throwing 8 billion ton of trash to the ocean each year, same as dumping a fully garbage truck every minute.

From A Little Bit with love.


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