Bamboo Straw + Cup Holder Combo
  • Bamboo Straw + Cup Holder Combo



    • Insert bamboo straw into your drinks.
    • Suitable for water, smoothies, bubble tea.



    • Use brush to clean straw under water tap.
    • Bamboo straw can be boiled.
    • Organic soap, lemon & vinegar juice are recommended.



    • Let it dry in cupshelf.
    • Sunbathe at least once a week.
    • Should not get it moistured > 24 hours.
    • Bamboo straw doesn't likegetting wet for too long.



    • Put it in convenient pounch and bring along your combo everywhere.


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    • Materials

      Replace plastic straws and toxic nylon bags.
      Made from natural bamboo

      Variety of sizes fit from water, smoothies to boba tea.

      Made from canvas 100% cotton.

      Have tiny hole for your straw carrying.

      Evironmentally friendly.

    • Includes

      + 3 bamboo straws in 3 sizes

      • M (5-7mm): water
      • L (7-9mm): smoothies
      • XL (9-13mm): bubble tea

      + 1 coconut fiber cleaning brush

      + 1 canvas pounch

      + 1 cup holder

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