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Which profession is attractive?

Which career "hot" is a big question of students and parents in the entrance season 2020. Many of you have made mistakes when choosing a career according to the movement psychology. https://lambangdaihocnhanh.com/lam-bang-dai-hoc-that-chinh-quy-phoi-goc-tren-toan-quoc/

Mr. Tran Minh Duc, who used to work in admissions for 10 years at the National University of Ho Chi Minh City, is now a freelance business, sharing with candidates his experience in choosing a career when applying for university admission in 2020.

Mistakes in determination

Students currently have many criteria to define attractive careers. However, many young people have not properly identified. Some mistakes can be listed as follows:


Firstly, many people think that any profession with high income and high labor market demand is attractive. In fact, the profession with high income and demand is not necessarily successful or you can not enter but cannot study, so you have to "cut off the burden between the road". I can learn but I am not sure when I graduate because I am not passionate, not suitable or when I graduate, this profession is no longer in demand. According to the World Economic Forum's forecast, about 49% of current jobs will disappear in the next 20 years.

Second, some of you define an attractive profession to be trendy, hearing "epic", "value" yourself will increase when mentioned. Over the years, it can be seen that many careers with "technology", "administration", "international" are often registered by many students without knowing if they are suitable and do not need to understand the content, characteristics and requirements of the profession.


Third, "easy admission, easy study" is a criterion that has emerged in recent years in the student's career choice. This is reflected in the number of candidates enrolled in the economic sector always accounting for an overwhelming proportion. For example, the target of this industry in the university system in 2019 has 126,470, but the number of aspirations registered up to 822,950.

The economic sector is trained by many universities and colleges because of its ease of enrollment, low training costs, and high profits. The overwhelming number of candidates enrolling in the economic field exhibits a syndrome of movement-type selection and an imbalance between training and demand. The size and level of development of the Vietnamese economy in transition cannot absorb all the manpower that is so large. The efficiency of using social resources will be low and affect national development. Learners will suffer great losses in effort, time, money, and career opportunities if they follow the movement psychology.


What is an attractive profession?

In my opinion, an attractive profession must have many factors. First, the profession must suit you in terms of interests and career abilities, personality, academic capacity, economic conditions, health.

Second, that profession gives you many career opportunities and growth possibilities. An industry with a wide "career margin" has more opportunities. Studying a profession can do many jobs and use knowledge of many branches to do a job that is and will be the trend of the labor market. This is crucial in the industrial revolution 4.0 and in a transition economy like Vietnam.


Third, the job market is in demand now and in the future after you graduate.

Fourth, choose reputable and quality training institutions (domestic and foreign). This is to ensure the quality of training, opportunities and career development possibilities after graduation.

Which occupations will be attractive?

The world is no longer the same, which is certain after the impact of Covid-19. Along with the pandemic effects, the industrial revolution 4.0 is and will create profound changes in economic activities as well as in social life, https://lambangdaihocgoc.com/ especially the structure of industries and jobs. In this context, it is forecasted that industry groups in Vietnam will tend to thrive as follows:

One is the group of health sciences, medical equipment manufacturing, health care services and health-promoting food production. The more socio-economic development, the higher the demand and demand for these industries, especially the pandemic, shows its influence and importance to the development of the country.

Second is the group of information technology, telecommunications and e-commerce, online business. During the boom period of the 4.0 revolution, any organization had a website, https://alambangdaihoc.com/ Facebook, intranet and other online communication channels to do business and interact with customers. In this process, the issue of confidentiality and information security is needed by organizations. After Covid-19, the demand for online shopping, online learning, and working online will increase ... Therefore, the group of Information Technology, telecommunications and e-commerce industries will have more opportunities to develop. and stronger.

Third is the industry group that develops mobile Internet, cloud computing and big data analytics. Nowadays, mobile internet is applied in most commercial areas. Its fast speed and convenience have helped people increase productivity. Professionals like data analyst or application developer are currently wise

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